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… Avi Avital has announced through his twitter account that he is again recording with Deutsche Grammophon, following his two previous albums Between Worlds, and Bach by Avi Avital that received excellent reviews and I really enjoyed them. I am curious about what comes next. I am putting by bets on classical music this time, and I think Vivaldi would be an excellent choice. What do you think?

… The duet of Jimmy Gaudreau & Moondi Klein have returned with another superb recording entitled If I Had a Boat. Reminiscent of the old-time country duos from the 30s and 40s, their music is modern while simultaneously steeped in the rich tradition of rich vocal harmonies and superb acoustic instrumentation.

Rebel Records has released If You Only Knew: The Best of Larry Rice. Larry Rice, the brother of Tony and Wyatt Rice, passed away May 13, 2006 after a long battle with cancer. His legacy includes several superb bluegrass recordings that featured his singer/songwriter and mandolin talent.

Mandolin player Sierra Hull has been nominated for seven IBMA awards in the last four years. This year, she got her eighth nomination. She’s up for instrumental performer of the year in the mandolin category. Hull is also one of the youngest performers at the World of Bluegrass, but young does not mean inexperienced. She signed her first record deal at age 13 and has been playing professionally for 10 years.


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  • Marilynn Mair Madrugada

Marilynn Mair releases new CD, “Madrugada”

April 25th, 2015|Comments Off on Marilynn Mair releases new CD, “Madrugada”

Marilynn Mair has announced the release of a new CD named "Madrugada". This is a new recording of Brazilian music style, performed with style and influenced from classical and jazz. More About the Release Track List [...]

  • Avi Avital Releases Vivaldi

Avi Avital Just Released new CD, Vivaldi

February 26th, 2015|Comments Off on Avi Avital Just Released new CD, Vivaldi

Avi Avital Releases New CD Avi Avital has just announced that his new album, "Vivaldi" is out today. If you like classical music, these are exciting news but even if classical music is not [...]




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