[Update] After receiving a very nice email from Sergio Saldivar-Salazar, a mandolin player and follower of theMandolinTuner,  I followed his suggestion and updated this article to include the guitar sound track to help you play-along.  I also replaced the previous video performance – that was a recording of only the first part, with the full video performance. I hope you like it!

[Update 2]: If you have a performance of your own of this beautiful piece of music, send me an email and I will post it!

This great and well known piece of music written by Leo Brower is something you should try. It is written for the classical guitar but it is a great piece of music for the mandolin, as you can play tremolo on the long notes it includes. Good sense of timing is required too, so do not be fooled by the lack of difficult passages.

You can see at the top of the article a home recording of me playing both the mandolin and guitar parts.

I suggest if you like it to try  and play along the provided guitar sound track (below).

And that’s the end!

I hope you will enjoy playing this great music as much as I did!