Ugo Orlandi, ITALY – DB23

Ugo Orlandi, ITALY – DB23


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Ugo Orlandi is a dominant figure in the panorama of international mandolin music. He was born in Brescia and began his music studies at the Brescia Youth Music Educatioon Centre. He took up the mandolin at a very early age and at the same time took his diploma in trumpet at the C. Pollini Conservatory in Padova, where since 1980 he has been mandolin professor. As a soloist he has taken part in concerts and tours all over the world, notably with Claudio Scimone and I Solisti Veneti , and has performed in the most prestigious festivals in Europe and America. His interest in the rediscovery of the musical world of the mandolin has led him to record various programmes many of which feature as world premiere recordings.


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