Toru Izumi, JAPAN – DB22

Toru Izumi, JAPAN – DB22

Toru Izumi

Toru is a virtuozo in Japan. Japan is very “mandolin active”, focusing in the traditional Italian mandolin music with contests and concerts and Toru is an active musician in his country, but also a multi-instrumentalist, playing also flamenco guitar.


Copied from Arte-Mandolinistica (see external links below):

Born in 1988, he started mandolin in Doshisha Kori Junior High School and he played as a concert master of the Doshisha Kori High School Mandolin club.

He joined ARTE MANDOLINISTICA and became the concert master.

In 2007, he won the third prize of the third Osaka International Mandolin Competition and the second prize of Japan Mandolin Chamber Music Competition provided by Shizuoka Mandolin Association.

In 2010, he won the first prize of the 22th Japan Mandolin Solo Competition provided by Japan Mandolin Union.

He is also active as a flamenco guitar player in the Doshisha University Guitar Club. He will be graduated from the university in this spring. He is a pupil of Yasunobu Inoue.


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