Here is our gathering of the week’s news bits around Mandolin Music and related topics.

Mandolinist/composer Chris Thile, of Punch Brothers, and bassist/composer Edgar Meyer have teamed up again for a new album,Bass & Mandolin, released September 9th on Nonesuch Records. The album features 10 original compositions by the two MacArthur Fellows, who have been performing together sporadically for more than a decade. The two artists are currently on tour promoting their new album and a concert review from Richmond Times Dispatch praises the two artists, as expected. In case you happen to be near these places at the right dates, you should not miss the opportunity!

Don Julin schedule(s) now appear in theMandolinTuner events database. This is automatic work (iCal feed) and I am happy to add Don’s performances in the events database, as he is an admirable artist and I do believe he has the best bio ever (written by his wonderful mother).

Mandolinarte, the Plucked Strings Orchestra of Athens have released their new site – and it looks very good.  Mandolinarte, a Greek Mandolin Orchestra performing in Greece and worldwide, announced the release of the new site, I am very happy for this, as I am a menber of the Mandolinarte orchestra and I also designed and implemented the site.

Finally a Weber mandolin on eBay at a good starting price. I am looking for a Weber mandolin and octave for a long time now, so I am happy to report that looking today at eBay, I found a good one, reasonably priced (bid at the time of browsing). This is a Weber Bitterroot A style, F-hole mandolin and I am very much tempted to bid for this one! On the other hand, if you need it, feel free to attack.


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