Missed it? Here is our gathering of the week’s news bits around Mandolin and theMandolinTuner and related topics.

… An amazing performance of Las Abejas, a composition of the Paraguayan guitarist Augustin Barrios has been added in theMandolinTuner Artists performances section. This is a duet performance, by the amazing Hamilton de Hollanda, together with an exceptional guitarist, Marco Pereira. Listen to the performance that includes an amazing jazz variation of the Las Abejas theme, performed with exceptional virtuozity. Just amazing! The song is included in a disc titled Luz das Cordas, also added in theMandolinTuner Resources section.

…A complete overhaul of the Resources section of theMandolinTuner has been released. Now the resources are presented in a much more user friendlier way, together with links to e-shops for quick and secure purchases. More than 30 mandolins from Kentucky, The Loar, Eastman and J.Bovier are now included, together with cases, tuner, picks, stands, strings etc. The collection is quickly expanding, hoping to become a place where all needs of a mandolinist can be covered.

…the Mandolin Chords section of theMandolinTuner has been greatly enriched with new chords and redesigned for simplicity. More than 500 chord diagrams are now included and work is done to reach the final number, 864 chord diagrams. All diagrams are fingered for convenience and the following chords are covered: maj, min, dim, aug, dim7, 7th, m7, maj7, dim7, aug7, mmaj7, 7b5, 7#5, m7b5, m7#5, 6th, m6, 9th, m9, madd9, 11th, sus2, sus4, 3th, 4th, 5th, 5add9. A sidebar is provided for quick navigation, which I believe is a big improvement.

…Finally the Home page of theMandolinTuner has been redesigned. The top slider has seen the first update, to become cleaner and more modern. Also, a new section has been added that can help the mandolin beginner to start his journey, as it includes a budget friendly mandolin bundle for beginners, consisting of a solid wood Kentucky KM-150 mandolin, a nice soft case, a tuner, picks and a music stand. All that can be bought from Amazon with less than 270 USD, which I think is a very good price. Expect more changes at the Home page of theMandolinTuner in coming weeks as I am trying to make the home page even better (I hope!)


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