The New Mandolin American Ensemble, USA

The New Mandolin American Ensemble, USA


Copied from NAME Official Site (see external links below):
“Contemporary classical music for plucked string instruments
reflecting folk, jazz and world music influences”

The New American Mandolin Ensemble is a group of virtuoso artists dedicated to presenting original compositions for plucked strings. Championing the best of contemporary composers for this medium, the group has a special interest in promoting works from the USA.

The New American Mandolin Ensemble inspires the development of quality mandolin and guitar technique and repertoire through their concerts, recordings, and school appearances.

Based primarily in southern New England, the members of the New American Mandolin Ensemble are all involved professionally in some aspect of plucked strings, be it teaching, performing, or composing.

NAME director Mark Davis first studied the guitar and mandolin with Hibbard Perry, from the Rhode Island school of Giuseppe Pettine and William Place, and then went on to studies with the pioneering German guitarist/conductor Siegfried Behrend from whom he inherited his fascination with modern forms of musical expression.


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I’m Chris, a mandolin lover from Greece, trained in Music, Mathematics and IT who makes a living on technology but enjoys life through music and arts. Welcome to my adventures!

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