Today I will present something new, useful and hopefully unique. I am going to provide a series of Mandolin lessons, made available online here at the Mandolin Tuner. Why I am going to do that? Let me explain.

Mandolin Lessons – The idea

Three years ago I decided to teach my two kids how to play the Mandolin. I have spent almost 30 years playing the mandolin and performing with orchestras, so why not try to pass this knowledge to my siblings? But, as most parents know from experience, it is really difficult to be a teacher to your own kids, as they always see you as their loving parent. Can you wear two hats at the some time?

So, due to the above and my hectic working schedule, three years have passed with no progress, just plans and discussions. Now the kids, Alexandra and Panos, are 12 & 9 years old.

Mandolin Lessons -Alexandra  Mandolin Lessons - Panos Rizos, the mandolin student

Mandolin Lessons – From the idea to an action plan

I believe it is about time to transform the idea to a concrete action plan, so the question is,how can I improve the chances of success?

I believe the key is to ensure that:

  • High quality material will be used.
  • Progress will be monitored.
  • Actions will be taken to improve the effectiveness of the lessons.

A smart way to do that is to announce this commitment to you, so I will feel obliged to do what I promised, giving my best to be a good teacher.

Mandolin Lessons – The work to be done

As I will be creating the material from scratch based on my experience but also using various sources such as books, the internet etc., I feel it is a good idea to publish the material here to help my readers also start playing and hopefully at the end master the mandolin.

I intend to prepare the material every single two or three weeks. This material will be cross-checked while I teach it to my kids and after each lesson I will be reviewing and improving it before I upload it.
My intention is to make lessons fun – don’t forget I will be teaching my kids, so the lesson will be a smart mix of theory, stories and exercises in order to keep my “students” happy instead of sleepy!

Mandolin Lessons – The first lesson is about Mandolin Basics

The first lesson has been scheduled to take place in two weeks, in order to give me enough time to structure and prepare the material of the first lesson, thinking that it will be used as a template for all following lessons.

Update: here is the link to the first mandolin lesson!

Mandolin Lessons

If you wish to make sure that you don’t miss a single lesson, feel free to subscribe to my mailing list. If you do I will be sending directly into your inbox a notification every time a new lesson is released together with direct links to the material. This will hopefully help you as well create a student schedule and also keep it.

Please enjoy, and make sure you subscribe to the mailing list to get notified once the first lesson is released.

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