Like almost everybody else, I am in quarantine at home due to COVID-19, so I have started some of the projects I have been postponing for a loooooong time.

One of these projects, is to finish writing the Mandolin Chords Guidebook series. My plan has been from the beginning to write four books, but I have yet finished only two, the Mandolin Chords Guidebook 3 – Reference and the Mandolin Chords Guidebook 2 – Playing Songs. Also, although I always wanted to publish them also on Amazon marketplaces, I never found the time to do it.

Mandolin Chords on Amazon

So yes, I have done it! Part 2 is now on Amazon, where it can be purchased for the Kindle format, but it can also be ordered in print format! I am very excited about this, although it was a long process, that required some serious re-formatting to pass the Amazon rules.

Mandolin Diatonic Chords

I am also very happy as during the process of publishing on Amazon, I realized that I could update this book to make it better and more practical! And I think I succeeded! Now instead of 114 pages, it has been shortened to become 70 pages, with the same content! That means it is much easier to navigate the book and find the info.

Mandolin Diatonic Chords

The diatonic chords of each key are presented with very nice (I think) diagrams, suitable for viewing on mobile phones, tablets, computers and even Kindle devices (I tested it and it works!)

Mandolin Chord Progressions

One of the most helpful parts of this book is the chord progressions per key. With the new visual format they are so much easier to use!

What do you think? Do you like it?

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