Steffen Trekel

Music Light Poetry – Performance with Sara Ercoli, Duo Trekel-Tröster and “Zeitgebilde” – tMt TV #88

Music alone is some times not enough. Combine all arts together and you get something bigger, better, fuller... Even if you do not speak German, [...]

D. Scarlatti, Sonate G-Dur K91 3.+4. Satz Duo Trekel-Tröster, Sonata G major 3.+4. movement – tMt TV #87

The beauty of the mandolin sound is obvious in this video, in which Steffen Trekel together with Michael Tröster (Guitar), play classical music. This is truly [...]

Carlo Munier: Capriccio Spagnuolo op. 276, Duo Trekel-Tröster, Mandolin + Guitar – tMt TV #86

This is a nice performance, with brio and good timing from Steffen Trekel. Carlo Munier (July 15, 1859 – February 10, 1911) was an Italian [...]

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