Andre de Sapato Novo – ‘Trio 868’ (Davis Duo, Marissa Carroll)

'Trio 868' is a project of Mark and Beverly Davis to collect and perform music for guitar and two mandolins ( Since its formation [...]

Prelude from Partita No.3 BWV1006 – J.S. Bach – Mandolin Marissa Carroll – tMt TV #72

Always happy to find performances of Bach music on the mandolin! This one is a very nice one nice due to the uninterrupted flow of music, the tone [...]

Hummel, Johann Nepomuk – Allegro from Concerto in G for Mandolin- Marissa Carroll – tMt TV #71

Third movement from the Hummel Concerto in Gmajor for mandolin with pianoforte accompaniment, and performed at the Nixon Room, University of Queensland by Marissa Carroll. [...]

A Mandolin Duet with Marissa Carroll and Alison Stephens – (Jean Marie LeClair violin sonata). – tMt TV #70

This video was taken at the Dartington Summer School in 2008, where Marissa Carroll was attending with Alison Stephens tutoring mandolin techniques. It is beautiful music [...]

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