Luca Turchet

Smart mandolin testing, 6-10th Nov 2017, London – by Luca Turchet

Luca Turchet, introduced in theMandolinTuner Artists Database here, announced that he is looking for mandolin players in London that also have some experience with effects or instruments for electronic music. He plans to conduct experiments with a Smart Mandolin, which features wireless connectivity and embedded intelligence, between 6th and 10th of November, [...]

Luca Turchet, ITALY – DB66

Luca Turchet, sound designer, musician, composer and writer, was born in Verona on the 28th of October 1982.  Luca Turchet is currently a researcher at the Center for Digital Music of Queen Mary University of London, researching the design of novel musical instruments. As Luca is a mandolin player, he [...]

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