Izumi Toru

Toru Izumi, JAPAN – DB22

Toru Izumi Toru is a virtuozo in Japan. Japan is very "mandolin active", focusing in the traditional Italian mandolin music with contests and concerts and Toru is an active musician in his country, but also a multi-instrumentalist, playing also flamenco guitar. Biography Copied from Arte-Mandolinistica (see external links [...]

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Zigeunerweisen / Izumi Toru (Mandolin) , Fujii Yumi (pf) – tMt TV #30

About Zigeunerweisen Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs), Op. 20, is a musical composition for violin and orchestra written in 1878 by the Spanish composer Pablo de Sarasate. It was premiered the same year in Leipzig, Germany. It is based on themes of the Roma people, and in the last section the [...]

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