Las Abejas by Augustin Barrios performed by Hamilton Hollanda – tMt TV #32

Here is an amazing performance of Las Abejas, a composition of the Paraguayan guitarist Augustin Barrios. Agustín Barrios composed Las Abejas in 1921, the same [...]

Saying Goodbye to 2017 with an amazing video by Srinivas Marshal Holanda – TV138

I always thought that big moments should be celebrated properly. Saying farewell to 2017 is such a moment for me, as I am waiting with [...]

Adios Nonino by Astor Piazzola performed by Hamilton de Holanda and Yamandu Costa – tMt TV #62

An amazing transcription of the masterpiece of Astor Piazzola, Adios Nonino. Improvisation at its best, just listen to that!   Discography   [...]

Hamilton de Hollanda with Yamandu Costa and Orquestra Sinfônica Brasileira – tMt TV #60

That's brilliant! A symphonic orchestra with solo instruments a classical guitar and a mandolin, with two of perhaps the best performers on their instruments, Hamilton [...]

Stefano Bollani & Hamilton de Hollanda: “Caprichos De Espanha” – tMt TV #47

A composition from the Brazilian virtuozo, performed with mandolin and piano. Brilliant! Discography All Articles with Hamilton de Hollanda [...]

Hamilton de Hollanda performs Capricho do Sul – tMt TV #16

Overview Capricho de Sul is included in the latest CD release from Hamilton de Holanda Trio. Hamilton de Holanda(10-string mandolin) transgressor of the mandolin adding [...]

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