Ferdinand Binnendijk

CAPRICCIO SPAGÑUOLO – Carlo Munier by Ferdinand Binnendijk (mandolin) & Eva van den Dool (piano) – tMt TV #82

The 'Capriccio Spagñuolo' (Op. 276) by Carlo Munier (1859 - 1911) performed by the Dutch mandolinist Ferdinand Binnendijk accompanied by Eva van den Dool on [...]

RÊVERIE – Claude Debussy performed by Ferdinand Binnendijk, mandolin, and Annegreet Rouw, harp – tMt TV #81

A fine example of music written for piano, performed with a duet. This duet consists of harp and mandolin and is very capable both artistically and [...]

Raffaele Calace – RONDO Op.127 performed by Ferdinand Binnendijk, Mandolin, & Annegreet Rouw, Harp. – tMt TV #80

A very nice performance of Rondo by Ferdinand Binnendijk. I admit that the harp-mandolin sounds better than the guitar-mandolin combination, nevertheless I am preparing to publish [...]

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