Danilo Brito

Desvairada e Brasileirinho – 16 mãos! Incrível – Danilo Brito and Friends

Mandolin and Violin are close, right. Well, here they are really close! Desvairada" (Garoto) e Brasileirinho (Waldir Azevedo). Participação de Carlos Malta (flauta), Ricardo Herz [...]

What I saw today – Cochichando – Ricardo Herz, Alessandro Penezzi, Danilo Brito – tMt TV #7

Improvisation is the name of the game. You need, a rhythm, a melody and three great musicians feeling free to express themselves. What? Haven’t you [...]

What I saw today – Danilo Brito playing Sussuruana on the brazilian mandolin (bandolin) – tMt TV #5

Each day, I spend some time watching some great mandolinists in order to enjoy their music, analyze their technique and this keeps me feeling like [...]

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