About Yasuo Kuwahara (1946 – 2003)

Yasuo Kuwahara has learned the art of mandolin from Prof. Kinuko Hiruma since 1965, and he came into his force as a player from early days. His excellent performance has been most warmly appreciated by many critics as well as audience.

His repertory covered the wide field of European music, classic and modern and his musicality was highly esteemed as well as his his prominent technique as a player. This is proved by the fact that many composers have dedicated their compositions to Kuwahara.

Since his debut at Manheim in Europe in 1982, and at Providence U.S.A. in 1983, his performance as well as his compositions had more and more gained the high esteem from the professional musicians around world. Now, his works are celebrated not only in Japan, but also in Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Australia, Russia and U.S.A.

Besides being the Head of Kuwahara Mandolin Institute and Lecturer of Nara national Women’s College, he worked as the Chairman of Japan Association of Music Exchange(*1), the member of Japan Association of Contemporary Music, and the Jury for the Mandolin Solo Competition in Japan and Russia.

(*1) Japan Association of Music Exchange : this is a host organization of “Kobe International Music Festival” and “Kobe International Modern Music Festival”.

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