You cannot go wrong with the classics. In this case, I am talking about the Fender 351 Premium Celluloid Guitar Pick. With their classic shape and heavy weight, these picks combine the traditional tone and feel of celluloid, with beautiful and unique colors. What is more important, tone or looks?

Well, celluloid is considered to be one of the best pick materials with its traditional feel, a smooth striking surface and a warm tone. On the other hand, many friends (most of them girls, ha!) asked for one those picks, because of their looks.

Tone-wise, the thicker gauge of Fender’s heavy picks give a mellow, mid-heavy sound suitable for jazz guitar and are also perfect for handling the thicker strings of mandolas and octaves

Celluloid, Historically Speaking

Invented in 1856, celluloid is considered the first invented thermoplastic. This was the first plastic ever used to produce picks, and it is still used today, especially for guitarists aiming for vintage tone. Celluloid is easily molded and shaped, and it was first widely used as an ivory replacement. Easy to manufacture, easy to produce, celluloid is the favored pick of guitarists around the world.

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12-pack Fender Heavy Picks

Fender 351 Premium Celluloid Guitar Pick, 12 pack, Abalone, Heavy
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