First of all, I want you to know that it was hot. Really hot. Even for Greece.


really hot!

39 degrees celsius is hotter when carrying two musical instruments to go to rehearsal, my octave and the Liuto Cantabile.

(Hint: I love air-conditioning!)

MandolinARTE rehearsal 1

The rehearsal was with MandolinARTE and Alkistis Protopsalti, the famous and beloved Greek singer, for the forthcoming summer tour of our “Playing with Time” show, where Alkistis Protopsalti sings songs from her 41-year long career, re-arranged for the beautiful sound of our mandolin orchestra by the talented Thomas Kontogeorgis . Together with the team we have the singer George Karadimos, Aggelos Tzamarias at the trombone, Alexis Kostas at the drums and Thomas Kontogeorgis at the piano.


The tour begins with two concerts at perhaps the most beautiful theater in the world. It is the ancient theater of Kourios in Cyprus, and you can read more about it here.

Kourion view

With an amazing view to the open sea, this theater is spectacular.

Me tuning my mandola

The rehearsal lasted almost 5 hours and we made sure that everything and everybody is ready. This is actually the 10th performance of this show, so we know every piece of music very well. But again we wanted to be sure that everything will go well, so we played every piece of music again, together with a new piece added for the summer tour.

(I will not tell which one!)

Selfie with mandolinarte and alkistis protopsalti

The rehearsal went so great, we had to take this funny selfie. Lots of smiles and happy faces!

Poster of forthcoming concerts

Here is the poster of our forthcoming concerts. I’ll be posting more posts during the concerts, so stay tuned.


And did I mention that it was hot?