The 2nd edition of this book contains 624 chord diagrams in 70 pages, organized in 12 chapters, one per key. Each chapter includes: - Popular Songs: list of 25 popular songs that can be played using the chord diagrams of the chapter - Diatonic chords: 24 diatonic chord diagrams for the major, natural minor, melodic and harmonic minor key - Chord progressions: 28 chord diagrams grouped in 8 chord progressions. Although many people aren’t aware of it, a typical piece of music actually follows a certain set of “rules,” when it comes to which chords are used. That is, not just any chords can be used- only certain chords are used. Some chords belong, and others don’t. As long as you know which chords “belong,” then you can create music that has a certain “unified” feel to it or play chords along songs effortlessly. That’s a powerful thing! This knowledge is like a “secret code” that helps composers to compose, improvisers to improvise, and performers to perform. So, say you’re writing or playing a song in the key of Bb major. Then the “current scale” is the Bb major scale, and chords that “belong” (correct term: diatonic chords) are chords which use only notes from the Bb major scale. Finding out which chords “belong”, requires some knowledge of music theory. But do not worry! This guidebook lists them for you and requires no prior theory knowledge. Direct access to download the 70-page PDF is granted on purchase. The Mandolin Chords Guidebook is a book series written by theMandolinTuner that consists of four parts.
  • Part 1 is the introduction to chords and chord patterns,
  • Part 2 is about playing chords with songs,
  • Part 3 is the mandolin chords reference
  • Part 4 is the chords music theory
This is Part 2 and is to be used to learn how to play mandolin chords along with songs.