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The Best Kantades from Ionian Islands – CD by Fotis Aleporos (~1983)

This is an old recording with Fotis Aleporos Mandolin Orchestra & Choir. I played the octave mandolin with this orchestra from 1976-2007.

I was surprised to find that the CD is now being sold in Ioanian Islands (Cephalonia, Corfu etc.). I bought a copy myself during the summer of 2014, while on vacation at beautiful Caphalonia.

Kantades Fotis Aleporos

Recorded: ~1983, remastered and distributed by

Studio: ERT Studio

CD Cover Art: Unknown

Performers:Fotis Aleporos Mandolin Orchestra (~30 members, playing mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin and guitar) & Choir (~20 members, most from the Greek National Opera House).

I play the Octave Mandolin in this recording.


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