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Mandolin in Greece has been very popular, especially in places like Athens, Ionian Islands and Creta. These articles are all about the unique music genres that blossomed in Greece with the mandolin as the basic instrument.

The Best Kantades from Ionian Islands – CD by Fotis Aleporos (~1983)

This is an old recording with Fotis Aleporos Mandolin Orchestra & Choir. I played the octave mandolin with this orchestra from 1976-2007.

I was surprised to find that the CD is now being sold in Ioanian Islands (Cephalonia, Corfu etc.). I bought a copy myself during the summer of 2014, while on vacation at beautiful Caphalonia.

Kantades Fotis Aleporos

Recorded: ~1983, remastered and distributed by

Studio: ERT Studio

CD Cover Art: Unknown

Performers:Fotis Aleporos Mandolin Orchestra (~30 members, playing mandolin, mandola, octave mandolin and guitar) & Choir (~20 members, most from the Greek National Opera House).

I play the Octave Mandolin in this recording.


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