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Mandolin Free Course

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Mandolin Free Course

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What people say:

Wow – thanks for the fabulous instructions about moving the bridge. We just made major improvements to the intonation on a mandolin that had been very poorly set up by following your directions.
We also used the trick of rubbing a pencil under the strings where they pass through the nut to allow for better movement.
Together these two things made the mandolin playable.
Thanks so much,
Kath & Robbie

Kath & Robie

Thank you! My daughter and I are learning together. At the lesson’s end, she said, “It was a great first lesson!” And I agree! We are both very excited.


A most helpful , clear and sensible lesson and explanation. The lesson avoids the usual loose words and imprecise directions.

Very encouraging. Thank you!


I have been practicing from a book. You taught me more in these two lessons than a book ever could. Please continue. I played guitar when I was young but have not touched it for years. Even then, with my small hands, I could not do bar chords very well. I look forward to further lessons.

Pam Black

I just found your site – as I want to develop my tremolo skill – I will be working on the lesson this week just like Panos – Will measure my success next week! Thanks for your lessons.


This article is the very thing I was looking for. I have been looking for a mandolin to learn and play.

After studying your article and listening to many you tube mandolins…

I settled on the right one for me… an Eastman. Mahogany mandolin.

Thanks for the insite…

D. McCue

Merci ! j’ai vraiment aprécié votre jeu, tout en finesse.
I really enjoyed your fine playing.


I very much like your version of Pacoca. I belong to a mandolin orchestra in Victoria, BC and we play this song, but with a slightly different rhythm, and we play it faster. I like this slower, more relaxed version.

Linda Ferster

Beautiful! I stumbled across your site as I was looking for a site to learn how to better play my mandolin. I have saved the site to my ipad and know I will be returning a lot.
Thank you


Wow you are doing a lot of work but this is great. I have always loved the sound of the mandolin, I play at the guitar and I have two daughters 9 and 13. One is musically gifted with an amazing voice. I wanted to teach them guitar but mandolins might fit their hands and fingers better. So I picked up a used a style mandolin. I will be following your lessons, thanks again for your work.

Mark Smith
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