Here is our online mandolin tuner by ear, provided with instructions. Note, this tuning method requires a trained ear, nevertheless I recommend you try it, as you may find it a lot easier than expected!

I tested this tuner and managed to tune my mandolin in less than three minutes, and I believe that you could do it too.

If for any reason you find this online mandolin tuner by ear too complex, you may prefer our alternative online mandolin tuner  that uses your computer’s or phone’s microphone but requires a Flash Player. This can be found at the following link: Online Mandolin Tuner with Instructions.

Note that the mandolin has string pairs, i.e. both strings should produce the same sound, but we only tune one string at a time.

Online Mandolin Tuner by ear. Let’s start!

Press play to hear the reference sound of the corresponding strings you are tuning.

  • Strum one of the two strings (starting with the G, i.e. the thickest pair), while you hear the tuner.
  • Tighten or loosen the corresponding tuning peg, till you match the sound of the tuner.
  • Repeat the process to tune the second string of the string pair. Make sure they both sound the same.
  • If you need more time, press play again to hear the reference sound.
Note: If you turn a tuning peg and the sound does not change, stop turning to avoid breaking the string. You are possibly turning the wrong peg. Please try the other peg of the string pair!


If you have reached here, it probably means you have tuned your mandolin! I am so happy for you! Thank you so much for spending your time trying my online mandolin tuner and instructions.

Please leave me a message to inform me how much time it took you to tune your mandolin.

If you did not manage to tune it, also leave me a message describing your experience, and also check other posts below:


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