Now I shared a picture of this fearless tiny creature on Instagram the other day but I wanted to be sure to share it here too. My brother and I have been walking around Athens this weekend, and as we were passing by Stadiou street we felt the urgent need for a coffee and decided to pause for a while.


fearless tiny creature

We picked one of my favorite places, the Black Duck Garden, a museum bistro located a stone’s through from the heart of the city.

fearless tiny creature visiting

I was expecting my coffee (my brother felt a sudden urge to order a special omelette, ha!) when I had an unexpected visit. Or rather multiple visits. From multiple fearless creatures.


fearless tiny creature

Oh, and yes. That look. Just as I was reaching for my camera to try and capture this amazing moment, I heard a voice from across the bistro. It was my brother returning from the Men’s room who having witnessed the amazing scene, pointed me out to the small plate filled with bread for his omelette. He knew how to make these birds return, so I could take pictures.


fearless tiny creature

And they did. To pick small pieces of bread we put on the table. And it was beautiful!

Happy Tuesday, friends!