Marilynn Mair has announced the release of a new CD named “Madrugada”. This is a new recording of Brazilian music style, performed with style and influenced from classical and jazz.

More About the Release

Track List

  1. Farrapinho A Little Rag
  2. Garoa Drizzling
  3. Um Quinto do Ludwig A 5th of Ludwig
  4. Valsa Choro No. 11
  5. Uma Coisa Feliz A Happy Thing
  6. Balbuciando Babbling
  7. Água e vinho Water and Wine
  8. Enrolado Spaceshot
  9. Corcovado
  10. Madrugada Daybreak
  11. Valsa No. 9
  12. Benzinho Sweetie
  13. Outro Verão Another Summer
  14. Eu quero é sossego I wish for peacefulness
  15. Sonatinha

How to Purchase

Buy a CD directly from Marilynn web site

Download from CDBaby

Outside the US: Buy the CD from Elderly Instruments.


Description by the artist

In the process of transformation there comes a moment of fundamental change, when perspective alters and a new day begins. Drawing from the past while moving forward, renowned mandolinist Marilynn Mair weaves the disparate threads of her extraordinary musical career—from Beethoven to Gershwin, Pixinguinha to Piazolla, Scott Joplin to Jacob do Bandolim—into an original tapestry of rare and heartfelt beauty.


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