This week’s video, is again from a concert I gave with MandolinARTE – the Plucked Orchestra of  Athens and the famous singer Alkistis Protopsalti in June 2019, at one of the most amazing venues of Greece, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). As you will see from this short video, more than 10.000 people attended this concert, that opened the 2019 SNF – Summer Nostos Festival.

SNF MandolinARTE

The organization from SNF was just fantastic!. Everything at this new venue is state-of-the-art, including the sound, the lights, the organizers, even the food (!) :-)

Playing in front of 10.000 people feels…well just fantastic! On the other hand, once it is over, you can not believe what you have experienced, all this energy coming from the huge crowd…is it unbelievable.

SNF andola Richard Morgan

I used in this concert my 2016 Richard Morgan mandola, which is an amazing instrument. This extraordinary mandola (octave mandolin) features the signature Richard Morgan soundboard, quick-release tailpiece and head stock, adjustable action and is made of special/exotic wood in Tasmania.

As is always the case, nothing happens because one person (or musician or whatever) is great. Everything is about the team, in our case about the orchestra. The fantastic orchestra created for this event consisted of MandolinARTE and ten additional soloists, playing a variety of instruments, from electric guitar, harp, piano, trombone, oboe, double bass, viola, violin, cello and OMG, have I forgotten any instrument? Anyway, in the middle you see the proud producer, Tonia Dragouni that organizes everything.

Clearly, this pictures requires no words. I think it is the best picture I have from all my concerts.