This week’s video is an amazing song with music from Goran Bregovich, performed by MandolinARTE live during one of their 18 concerts on tour with Alkistis Protopsalti attended by more than 30.000 people in 2016.

MandolinARTE Goran Bregovich

Alkistis Protopsalti performance in this video is just fantastic, and everyone in this large 1500+ theater is singing along. Difficult not to get emotional being a part of something like that.

Mandocello Goran Bregovich

I played a Richard Morgan RM-C1 mandocello during these concerts, and I opened this song with a solo, which is simple but powerful, over the continuous background of the cello and the double bass. The above is a backstage picture. These concerts were an amazing experience that I can not wait to repeat, but more about that in a following post!