The Mandolin Tuner Events Calendar has retired… Do you want it back? Write me about it!

Big day today! I am very excited that I have just released a new ‘Mandolin Events’ feature here at theMandolinTuner. If you are interested, please take a look and let me know what you think of it.

I believe this mandolin events calendar maybe helpful to music lovers, as a good place to find mandolin related events. It may work the other way too. If you know of a mandolin event you would like to share , this can be used as a way to inform others too.

Also for musicians, a mandolin events calendar maybe a good place to let their fans and a mandolin community know about their next performances .

The feature is just released so it may not be perfect, but I hope the calendar will be populated soon by theMandolinTuner community, if it is really helpful. Note that some automation is included already, in order to fetch events of well-known artists such as Chris Thile, Avi Avital and others, and I plan to expand this soon.
Hope you like it…

Here is the Calendar:

Here is how to add a new event:

Please note that if you wish, you can provide me your own iCal (sharable  calendar) – if you have one, and theMandolinTuner will automatically fetch the events!