This article in the Mandolin Chords series of theMandolinTuner focuses on C#/Db Major.

I will give you all seven (!) positions you can play the C#/Db chord on the mandolin, so get ready for serious practice.  So the C#/Db Major, consists of:

  • The root, which for C# (Db) is of course C# (Db)
  • The third, which for C# (Db) is E# (F)
  • The fifth, which for C# (Db) is G#(Ab)

C#/Db Mandolin Chord Variants

As with all chords, there are many variants of the C# (Db) chord for the mandolin. I have included nice-looking photorealistic descriptions of the four most common ones on top of this article for your convenience. Nevertheless, if you want to explore more, see below a Chord Sheet that presents all seven variants for you to practice.

Db Major Mandolin Chord Sheet

How to Practice chords on the mandolin

I suggest you practice playing them one by one, till you feel comfortable with all positions, as I am convinced you will then have covered 99% of what is needed for the chord. Do you actually need to know all variants presented here? Not really, but as music is really a language, the more variants you know the easier it will be for you to play and express yourself.

The slide-show can be used for practicing, as you can pause to practice a particular position, go to the next or previous chord variant, and even start the slide show again. Once you feel you can play them all, try playing following the slide-show.

Call to action

Ok, it is now time to practice. Grab your mandolin and try to play the G Major variants slowly at the beginning and then fast!

“If you really want to master the mandolin, practice each chord together with scales on the same key. If you do that, you will master not only picking and chords, but also fiddling!”
Chris Rizos, theMandolinTuner





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