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Mandolin Chords Guidebook 2 – Playing Songs

Learn how to play or write songs by using chords progressions and diatonic chords. Modern illustration, grouped by key.

A typical piece of music actually follows a certain set of “rules,” when it comes to which chords are used. As long as you know which chords “belong” then you can create music that has a certain “unified” feel to it or play chords along songs effortlessly. The chords that belong are called diatonic chords, and this book lists them and their common combinations (progressions).

The book includes 624 chord diagrams in 70 pages, organized in 12 chapters, one per key. Each chapter includes:

  • Popular Songs: list of 25 popular songs that can be played using the chord diagrams of the chapter
  • Diatonic chords: 24 diatonic chord diagrams for the major, natural minor, melodic and harmonic minor key
  • Chord progressions: 28 chord diagrams grouped in 8 chord progressions

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Mandolin Chords Guidebook 3- Reference

This eBook series will take you through the process of understanding and learning how to play mandolin chords.

This e-book includes:

  • 864 Chord Diagrams
  • 94-pages full of simple & advanced chords, including:
    • maj, min, dim, aug,
    • 7th, m7, maj7, dim7, aug7, mmaj7
    • 7b5, 7#5, m7b5, m7#5,
    • 6th, m6, 9th, m9, madd9, 11th,
    • sus2, sus4,
    • 3th, 4th, 5th, 5add9

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94-page PDF.

Mandolin Tuning the Smart Way

This eBook will take you through the process of understanding the mechanics and terminology used for tuning, putting them into action and start enjoying music.

Mandolin Books - Mandolin Tuning the Smart Way

What you’ll learn in this ebook

  • Why Is Tuning Important?
  • The Music Terminology
  • The Tuning Parts & Tools
  • The Four Tuning Steps
  • How to Setup
  • Why a trained ear is better than any tuner?

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Mandolin Books - Garage Band Theory

Garage Band Theory

Combine the freedom of playing by ear and the strength of traditional music theory. Full of practical exercises, it will help you advance in many unexpected ways.

Mandolin Books - Syncopation by Ted Reed

Progressive steps to syncopation for the modern drummer

Understand rytmhical patterns and syncopation, with the standard tool for teaching beginning drummers!

Mandolin Resources - Mandolin for Dummies

Mandolin For Dummies

Packed with individualized instruction on key mandolin-friendly musical styles

Mandolin Resources - Beatles for Mandolin

Beatles for Solo Mandolin

20 favorite Beatles tunes in chord melody arrangements for mandolin

Mandolin Resources Score Pacoca

Musiques Populaires Bresiliennes

By Celso Machado (1953-), for flute and guitar. You can read here how I used this score to record a track.

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