MandolinARTE Plucked Strings Orchestra of Athens

Read below my adventures with MandolinARTE, the Plucked Strings Orchestra of Athens to understand how an orchestra playing once a year in small churches, ended up giving tours in Greece and abroad and recording with the prime TV channels in Greece.

A Luthier’s Journey (by Richard Morgan)

Read below the adventures of an innovative luthier from Tazmania, creating extraordinary hand-made music instruments, using native wood and introducing a number of unique features to his instruments. I am playing Richard Morgan instruments and I truly appreciate his art!

LiberMando – My CD recording project

I started this recording projects when I created this blog. Still, I have not finished it yet…but I am trying! Check my recording below and encourage me to continue!

Extraordinary Instruments – Handmade, unique and innovative

Read below my adventures with, the e-shop I created to promote luthiers that are creating hand made music instruments the provide beautiful sound but also innovative designs..