Moondi Klein, USA – DB17

Moondi Klein, USA – DB17

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What type of music do these two versatile musicians and excellent instrumentalist play? Not bluegrass, not country, not folk, what is it?

I do not really care! I love their smooth voices, using an mandola/octave and letting the music flow. Just discovered them and I am already a big fun.


Copied from his Official Site (see external links below):
When Jimmy Gaudreau moved from his native Rhode Island to the Washington, DC area in 1969, the region was becoming a virtual hotbed for bluegrass music. Jimmy joined the legendary Country Gentlemen and it launched a career which has since included stints with numerous nationally known bands and artists. He has performed and/or recorded with the likes of Emmylou Harris and the Tony Rice Unit, to name just a few.

Moondi Klein was raised in New York City and relocated to the DC area in 1984 after college. Moondi was classically trained and performed with the New York Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus at a young age. His classical training was a strong, if not unusual foundation for his ambitions to start a career in bluegrass music.

Jimmy and Moondi crossed paths in 1990 during a picking party at a mutual friend’s house. After singing a few tunes together, it quickly became evident that they were a great fit. In 1992 they joined forces with Seldom Scene members Mike Auldridge and T. Michael Coleman to form the group Chesapeake. This part-time band eventually became a full-time entity, yielding three highly acclaimed recording projects on the Sugar Hill label.

After the disbanding of Chesapeake, both Jimmy and Moondi went on to pursue their individual endeavors. It wasn’t until a call a few years later that they reunited. Back together again, they are now performing as a duo and are making big waves on the acoustic music scene. Although influenced by their bluegrass backgrounds, their sound has moved on to new levels. The tight harmonies , “hot” instrumental arrangements and heart-felt lyrics lend themselves to just about any style or genre of acoustic music.

Their first CD as a duo, 2:10 Train on Rebel Records, has gained international acclaim. From this release came many oportunites for performing including a tour of the US and Canada as co-bill and opening artists for Emmylou Harris.

After years in the making, their second duo CD on Rebel Records, Home from the Mills, has just been released. In addition to being another eclectic mix of instrumental and vocal tracks, this CD includes guest performer Lauren Klein, who adds a beautiful third voice to the vocal harmonies.

Jimmy & Moondi are having more fun now than ever — honing their craft and wowing audiences with every show. Their love of the music and the fun are infectious when they are in front of an audience.




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