Het Consort, NETHERLANDS – DB25

Het Consort, NETHERLANDS – DB25


Copied from Official Site (see external links below) and translated from Dutch:

Conductor and Artistic Director : Alex Timmerman

First Mandolins : Sebastiaan de Grebber ( concertmaster ) , Yolanda Döpp and Pauline Ulderink

Second Mandolins Ferdinand Binnendijk Jesse Buijs and Kitty Root Hendriks

Mandola’s : Helma Damman – Ruitenberg and Ruth Mourning

Mandoloncello Niels Godart

Guitars: Tom Edskes Paul Engelgeer Robert Woo and Tessa Harrows

Chitarrone Moderno: Marianne Timmerman – HollanderHet Mandolin orchestra THE CONSORT

HET CONSORT is a semi – professional mandolin chamber orchestra founded in 1990 by Alex Timmerman. Because of the many concerts at home and abroad and the particular choice of music it is one of the leading mandolin chamber orchestras at home and abroad. A reputation that has been built up by the many concerts in their own country , as well as through the tours with concerts in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium , France, Spain and Italy. And of course, the 2007 concert tour to America with performances in Manhattan, New York , Providence and Jamestown.

Collaborations: HET CONSORT has collaborated and given concerts with many internationally renowned musicians such as the cellist Peter Doberitz the mandolinists Tove Flensborg , Ugo Orlandi, Richard Walz Sebastian the Grebber Ferdinand Binnendijk and Gertud Weyhofen and guitarist Pavel Steidl and Michael Tröster .
Contemporary composers who composed music for THE CONSORT include Annette Kruisbrink Marc Matthys , Luca Mereu, Victor Kioulaphides John Craton, and Jeff Hijlkema .

In recent years HET CONSORT has appeared live on radio and TV and granted its support to four compilation albums .


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