Mandolin Basics

To intelligently select a mandolin you need first to learn more about woods, the mandolin parts and why not, the mandolin history!

Hand-made unique mandolins by Richard Morgan

Read below the adventures of an innovative luthier from Tazmania, creating extraordinary hand-made music instruments, using native wood and introducing a number of unique features to his instruments. I am playing Richard Morgan instruments and I truly appreciate his art!

Richard Morgan loved the sound and music of mandolins long before he knew what they were.  The mandolins and guitars he designs and builds are the distillation of many years of careful design work. His unique instruments open up a whole new range of sonic possibilities within a very durable design.

His mandolins feature his signature radial braced soundboard, with each of the divergent pieces under tension to form an S curve to “enliven” it. Its sound is clear or bell tone with fewer overtones, balanced response from bass to treble, impressive sustain and attack with more volume than most.

Beginner & Student Mandolins

Click on the pictures of these mandolins that are relatively cheap but made of solid wood to purchase them from other vendors.

Many of the links below are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission of any sale they make – at no extra cost to you. But every single product on this page is one I’ve personally used and loved.

Beginners Mandolin Seagull

 S8  Seagull

Hand finished neck with solid sitka spruce top, at an affordable price. Smaller than usual but loud.

Beginner Mandolin Eastman

 MD-315  Eastman

A Carved Solid Spruce F-style mandolin worth checking

Beginners Mandolin Kentucky

 KM-140  Kentucky

A standard A-Model solid wood mandolin with a deluxe case

Mandolin Resources - Beatles for Mandolin

 KM-250  Kentucky

An oval hole A-Model solid wood mandolin worth checking

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