This is a very busy and exciting period! Just back from summer vacation, and I am full of energy and new ideas.

The first project I started, is an article series for Pacoca by Celso Machado. I discovered this piece of music with my brother while on vacation and I immediately realized that this is excellent fot theMandolinTuner!. The melody part is easy but also very-very nice. And if you want more fun, you can try to play the guitar part on the mandolin with all these 7th chords and all these inversions!

The first article of the series is out already, you can find it here: Pacoca by Celso Machado and how to play it with mandolin (Part 1 – Preparation). I am now writing the second article, which includes anice chord chart with the chords of the first 11 measures. That will be fun! I am also preparing a tab, so get ready!

I also redesigned the home page in order to have more info and mirror all what theMandolinTuner is about. I hope you like it! I added a section named “The Blogger’s Corner” that will include more personal articles with the music I play and my plans for the future. I you have any comment for theMandolinTuner new home page, let me know.

The mandolin chords database is now going to be populated weekly. I will focus to common chords first, till I have all articles ready and with top quality. My latest article is about Cdim Mandolin Chords. Check it out!

There are some many other things to do, but so little time. Here is an incomplete list of what I intend to do in the following 2-3 months:

  • Populate the Hall of Fame, so many artists to add…
  • Create a section in the Hall of Fame for bands. Wouldn’t this be nice…
  • Focus on Ear Training and create an article series about it. It is so important for all musicians!
  • Review more mandolin picks and do a picks comparison. I have started, but I am delaying that already…
  • Focus on strings and help mandolinists pick the right strings for their instrument…
  • Activate the forum!
  • Start creating free video lessons. I am sure I could help a lot of people start playing mandolin.

Ok, I can go on, and on, and on forever!

I stop now to get back to work!



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