Many of you remember that a year ago, I started performing with some unique instruments made by Richard Morgan, a small maker from Australia . Beautifully designed, with uniquely made soundboards, these instruments are very special.


Initially, I started using two of Richards instruments, an 8-string mandolin and a 10-string mandolin/mandola using them for classical and some other recordings. Here is the link to a video recording of Bach’s music: Double from Violin Partita

(I love Bach!)

Hi I'm Chris

It is the dream of every musician, to have music instrument that inspires and produces beautiful sound. It is my dream too! So I received a great Liuto Cantabile again from Richard Morgan.

Rehearsal with MandolinARTE

I took the Liuto Cantabile with me at a rehearsal with MandolinARTE, the mandolin orchestra I play with. This was a huge success that prompted the arranger, Thomas Kontogeorgis to write some new solos for the Liuto Cantabile due to its extraordinary sound.

Athens Concert Hall MandolinARTE

I played the Liuto Cantabile during our concerts in the prestigious Athens Concert Hall, that was big enough to seat more than 1700 people enjoying each concert. Almost 10.000 people attended the six sold-out concerts in Athens. Huge crowd for our orchestra, great test for the Liuto Cantabile that went excellent! Another 5.000 people attended the three sold-out concerts in the prestigious Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

Liuto Cantabile by Richard Morgan

During these concerts lots of people asked me about this unique instrument and how they could also get one. That made me realise that this should be made somehow  possible for all mandolinists, to be able to find and play unique, special instruments, instead of the massive production  ones.

Extraordinary Instruments

So, I started designing a web site for this project. Lot’s of sketches … it has been an adventure! A one-year up-and-down, start-and-stop adventure.

From the beginning of this project, I had a clear vision of what it would eventually become: a web site capable to visualise the stunning design of extraordinary instruments with lots of videos and photographs . I never gave an opening date, though, because I knew I had to just proceed and see how things  moved along. Completing the design of the web site was a little more of a low-hanging fruit, and I am glad I finished it first, so I could visualise what the shop will become and get motivated to continue.

Now, many exciting things have fallen into place, it’s like the web site is getting dressed, sitting up straight and saying, “Okay, I’m ready for the next chapter”! The vision I had is moving forward in full steam now, and September is the official launch date I feel comfortable declaring. For now, you can take a look at the beta web site and give me your comments. Here is the link to the beta site:

Do you like it?

Do you hate it?

Seriously now, what do you think?



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