A wonderful listening, Erotokritos remains a popular work even today with many adaptations. Erotokritos central theme is love, but is intervened with honor, friendship, bravery and courage.

This amazing adaptation and performance from 1991 is by Michalis Stavrakakis who, besides the music editing, plays lute, mandolino mandola and bouzouki. Together with Michalis Stavrakakis we can hear Nikofi Stavrakakis (lyra), Manolis Faragoulitakis-Baxe (hammer), George Laudikis (bendir, tubeli), Haris Veneris (bass toxotos) and Giorgis Geredakis (guitar), while Vassilis Stavrakakis is singing.

Michalis Stavrakakis was born in Armanoga of Heraklion and grew up in Anogia, Rethymno, where he finished six-grade high school. She has been involved with mandolin and lute from childhood.

The song is from the CD MOYSIKA XOMPLIA-CRETE.

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About Erotokritos

Erotokritos (Greek: Ἐρωτόκριτος) is a romance composed by Vikentios (Vitsentzos, “Vincenzo”, Vincent) Kornaros in early 17th century Crete. It consists of 10,012 fifteen-syllable rhymed verses, the last twelve of which refer to the poet himself. It is written in the Cretan dialect of the Greek language. Its central theme is love between Erotokritos (only referred to the work as Rotokritos or Rokritos) and Aretousa. Around this theme, revolve other themes such as honour, friendship, bravery and courage. Erotokritos and Erophile by Georgios Hortatzis constitute classic examples of Greek Renaissance literature and are considered to be the most important works of Cretan literature. It remains a popular work to this day, largely due to the music that accompanies it when it is publicly recited. A particular type of rhyming used in the traditional mantinades was also the one used in Erotokritos.

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