Ekaterina Mochalova, RUSSIA – DB55

Ekaterina Mochalova, RUSSIA – DB55

Ekaterina Mochalova is a “fierce” mandolinist and dorma player from Russia that has won many international competitions and performs as a soloist with numerous symphonic, chamber and folk instrument orchestras in Russia. She is a great inspiration with her excellent technique and musicality.

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Ekaterina Mochalova Bio

Ekaterina Mochalova was born in Baranovichi, Belarus. She started to play the mandolin and the domra since 6 years old. Ekaterina graduated with honors the Gnesins’ Russian Academy of Music and a post-graduate course led by Professor Vyacheslav Krouglov. Now she is a lecturer in the Gnesins’ Russian Academy of Music and a soloist in the Ossipovs’ National Russian folk instruments orchestra.

Ekaterina Mochalova

Ekaterina is a laureate of 20 international and all-russian festivals and competitions, among them are: the Gold medal at the 10th Delphic Games of Russia, the first prize at The 1st All-russian Music Competition, the first prizes at XXIII Mandolin Competition of Japan and IX Osaka International Mandolin Competition.

Ekaterina Mochalova

Ekaterina has played as a soloist with numerous symphonic, chamber and folk instrument orchestras in Russia and has been on tour in Spain, Germany, Austria, France, Finland, United Kingdom, USA, SAR, Japan and other countries. She collaborates with many contemporary composers and has played about 15 world premieres of new compositions for mandolin and domra. She is a jury member of various musical competitions, one of the organizers of the International Festival «Strings of Young Russia» in Moscow which aims to develop the plucked stringed instruments’ art.


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