Founded in 1886, the Ensemble in Toulouse Plectrum is one of the few large sets plucked in Europe. It has 50 amateur musicians divided into four panels (1st mandolins, 2ndes mandolins, guitars and mandoles) to which is added mandoloncelles, basses and flute.
The band plays mostly original compositions (Vivaldi, Calace, Wölki, Kuwahara, Mandonico …) but her repertoire also includes transcriptions of great classical works (opera overtures, concertos …). In June 2009, the orchestra plays his transcriptions of Bach and Handel in the Passe your Toulouse Bach festival first!
UNWTO is developing for years through a real team around Alain Corvocchiola, music director since 1978.
International exchanges are regularly held with the United States (Washington, Rhode Island), Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Romania.

Created in the early 1990s by one of the musicians of the orchestra, Francis Morello, the Toulouse School of Mandolin Mandolin teachers had Sylvia Knight, Lorette Reig, Marie Antolin, Ada Owona, Francis Morello, and for musical training Marquier Carole and Jean Bourel.
In 1998, Sylvia Knight retiring, the school called on Julien Martineau, joined in 2005 by David Conan, a former student of the school.

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