Enjoy another video from a rehearsal of MandolinARTE together with the singer Alkistis Protopsalti, Thomas Kontogeorgis at the piano, Alexis Kostas at the drums, Aggelos Tzamarias at the trombone. This is “Don’t Cry” a great song composed by Ilias Andriopoulos with lyrics by Mihalis Bourboulis.

This songs manages to present the versatility of the mandolins and the orchestra, that sometimes sound like a classical mandolin orchestra and then produce a “bouzouki” sound, which is admittedly better than the sound of original bouzoukis. It is just amazing, and everybody is having a great time.

Crews from 5 national Greek TV stations attended this rehearsal and aired videos that made MandolinARTE a famous orchestra (at least) in Greece.

Enjoy the orchestra and the great Alkistis Protopsalti!


Here are the lyrics translated to English by yours truly (apologies for any mistakes…)

Μην κλαις και μη λυπάσαι που βραδιάζει
εμείς που ζήσαμε φτωχοί
του κόσμου η βροχή δε μας πειράζει
εμείς που ζούμε μοναχοί

Τα σπίτια είναι χαμηλά
σαν έρημοι στρατώνες
τα καλοκαίρια μας μικρά
κι ατέλειωτοι οι χειμώνες

Μην κλαις και μη φοβάσαι το σκοτάδι
εμείς που ζήσαμε φτωχοί
του κόσμου η απονιά δε μας τρομάζει
θα έρθει και για μας μια Κυριακή

Τα σπίτια είναι χαμηλά
σαν έρημοι στρατώνες
τα καλοκαίρια μας μικρά
κι ατέλειωτοι οι χειμώνες

Do not cry and not be sad 
that is getting dark
we who have lived in poverty
are not scared by the world's rain
we who live alone...
The houses are low
like desert's barracks
our summers are short
and winters are endless
Do not cry and do not be afraid of the dark
we who have been poor
are not frighten by the world's heartlessness
They will be for us, Sunday just once
The houses are low
like deserts barracks
our summers are short
and winters are endless

More about MandolinARTE

Mandolinarte was formed as the Plectrum Strings Orchestra of Athens in 1994. The repertoire includes classical music works for the mandolin from A. Vivaldi, L.V. Beethoven, J. Kuwahara, C. Wolki, R. Calace, D. Nikolaou etc. but also arrangements for the mandolin on works from J. S. Bach, W. A. Mozart, J. Brahms, A. Piazzola, N. Rota, G. Rossini, G. Verdi, M. Hatjidaki etc.

The Orchestra has numerous performances in Greece, in theatres like Peiraous Municipality Theater, Holargos Municipality Theater, sites like Marathonas, Sounio, Acropolis, Plaka and various festivals but has also been invited to perform abroad.

The members of the orchestra are well known musicians that are active artistically, giving recitals in Greece and abroad, performing with Symphonic Orchestras, participating in various recording productions and cooperating with artists from the Greek and International repertoire. As members of the Classical Mandolin Orchestra of Athens they were awarded the 1st prize in the International Competition of Plectrum Instruments in Julich Koslar in Germany at 1998, under the direction of Michalis Veidirlis.

Mandolinarte vision is to present the mandolin as a soloist instrument and the mandolin orchestra as an independent stand-alone orchestra with unique repertoire and sound.

More about Alkistis Protopsalti

One of the most prominent performers of Greek Music with more than thirty studio albums, most of which golden and platinum.
In her artistic carrier in the last forty years, she has worked with some of the greatest Greek and foreign composers like Dimos Moutsis, Giannis Spanos, Stavros Xarhakos, Mikis Theodorakis, Stamatis Kraounakis, Nikos Antypas, Stefanos Korkolis, Ilias Andriopoulos, Evanthia Remboutsika, Stamatis Spanoudakis, Dionysis Savvopoulos and Goran Bregovic, as well as with directors like Andreas Voutsinas, Dimitris Papaioannou and Giannis Kakleas. She has also performed with well-known Greek Symphony Orchestras: the Greek Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Athens, as well as with the world- renowned Prague Symphony Orchestra, the Kremlin Presidential Symphony Orchestra, the Oxford Philarmonic Orchestra and the Boston Pops.
Alkistis Protopsalti has introduced Greek Music to some of the most famous theaters of the world, with highlights of her international appearances performances in the Radio City Music Hall and the Metropolitan Museum of Art Theatre of New York.
Her concerts have been hosted in Australia, USA, UK, Egypt, Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, Spain, Israel, Canada, Cuba, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Sweden and China, countries where she has proudly represented the music and culture of Greece.
Alkistis Protopsalti has performed in English, French, Spanish, Corsican, Hebrew, Chinese and Arabic, receiving always very positive comments and reviews by the International Press.
She has performed in the closing ceremony of the 2004 Athens Olympics, in the Head of States Summit of the EU and the EU Foreign Ministers Meeting. She has officially represented Greece on multiple occasions: in the World Expos in Portugal, Spain and Germany, in the cultural events marking the 35 years of Greek-Chinese friendship, in Cuba as a guest of the Greek Embassy in Havana ahead of the Greek Presidency of the European Union, in the Alexandria Library e.tc.
She has also appeared in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Special Olympics, where she interpreted the Olympic Hymn along with the famous Italian tenor Vittorio Grigolo.
Her voice is heard in the Walt Disney movies “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, where she interpreted the main theme song and “Tangled”, where she interpreted the character of Gothel.

More about the other musicians performing

In this video, three great musicians are performing with MandolinARTE.

Thomas Kontogeorgis an excellent pianist and arranger is on the piano.

Kostas Alexis is on the drums,

Aggelos Tzamarias is playing the trombone

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