Desvairada” is a three part valse-choro played in 6/8 and has the form: ABBACCA, the piece containing several examples of appegios in double timing, very intricate to master.

Here it is played by two members of theMandolinTuner Hall of Fame, Mike Marshal and Danilo Brito!

Mike Marshall (born Michael James Marshall, July 17, 1957, New Castle, Pennsylvania) is an American mandolin player and multi-instrumentalist who grew up in central Florida and now lives in Oakland, California. Mike Marshall is one of the world’s most accomplished and versatile string instrumentalists today. A master on mandolin, guitar, mandocello and violin, he has created some of the most adventurous instrumental music for over 35 years. His concert tours have taken him around the globe.

“Music happens to be an art form, that transcends language.”
Herbie Hancock


About Garoto

Garoto the brazilian composer

Anibal Augusto Sardinha (1915-55), better known as Garôto, (The Kid), was born from Portuguese immigrants Antônio Augusto Sardinha and Adosinda dos Anjos Sardinha in downtown São Paulo, Brazil, on June 28,1915. Garôto started to work very early. At age eleven, he was a helper in a music store in Brás (a neighborhood on São Paulo’s East Side). This same year he got his first instrument, a Banjo, as a gift from his brother. One can say that on that day, Garôto started his career. Few months later, he was playing in a group, the Brothers Armani Regional, and they started to call him O Moleque do Banjo. (The Banjo’s Kid).

In 1927, the electric record player arrived in Brazil, and probably Garôto made his first recording sessions in 1929 with Paraguassu (then his tutor). From there on, Garôto started to work intensively, playing all over the State of São Paulo im many different engagements. Yet São Paulo became small for his talent, and he left to Rio de Janeiro in 1938 with the firm intention to give new directions to his career.

On October 18, 1939 he embarked the ship Uruguay to the United States, for a staying that rendered him among others, the tittle of “The man of golden fingers” given by organist Jesse Crawford. His ability at the instrument and personal style while interpreting the Marchas and Sambas was what he needed to project himself. After eight months working in several American cities, Broadway, movies and even playing for Presidend Roosevelt at the White House, Garôto came back to Rio, where he worked very hard, playing in recording sessions, doing concerts, and composing some of the most wonderful songs Brazilians ever listened to, some, selling over a million copies. With his way of playing the Samba and Chôro on guitar and writting music, Garôto was the man who gave new directions to Brazilian Popular Music, influencing some of the next generation greatest Brazilian artistsand also showing the path to what few years later was called Bossa Nova.


More information on Garoto can be found on the site

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