New tMt Release is Out (R4.12)

Sunday, 13/Dec/2015: Today I released the latest update of theMandolinTuner, release 4.12. Read Below the changelog to see what changed:

As of today, any changes performed on theMandolinTuner will be publicly announced. This will be done as a means to communicate theMandolinTuner status and avoid confusing the growing number of readers with the changes I implement.



New: Home page has been updated to include a section to display the recent articles of my personal timeline (concerts and other activities)

New: Home page has been upgraded to include a “Discover Mandolin around the World” section that displays photos of artists recently added in the database and latest videos added in the video library.

New: Main menu option”Blog” has been upgraded. It now includes two columns, that group separately the Artists database(s) and the blog articles.

New: Main menu option “Tuning” has been upgraded. It now includes two columns, one for instructions and a second for tools.

New: Posts category for “Changelog” has been created. This will allow readers to view all changelog articles together. This category belongs to my personal timeline (parent-child relationship).


Updated: Home page has been updated to display a better picture of me playing my mandolin, in a blurred background. Hope you like it!

Updated: WordPress, the platform that powers tMt is now updated to the latest version, 4.4. This update introduces new features that will become apparent in the following days but introduced some issues that were resolved gradually (described below)

Updated: The theme that powers tMt has been upgraded to its latest version.


Fixed: As a result of WordPress update to latest version 4.4., chords in the database failed to display correctly. This was fixed gradually, resulting  an estimated down time of about 12 hours.

Fixed: Missing image of me in the Chords sidebar has been added.

Fixed: Missing image of me in the Blog sidebar has been added

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