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Luca Turchet, ITALY – DB66

Luca Turchet, sound designer, musician, composer and writer, was born in Verona on the 28th of October 1982.  Luca Turchet is currently a researcher at the Center for Digital Music of Queen Mary University of London, researching the design of novel musical instruments. As Luca is a mandolin player, he [...]

Ekaterina Mochalova, RUSSIA – DB55

Ekaterina Mochalova is a "fierce" mandolinist and dorma player from Russia that has won many international competitions and performs as a soloist with numerous symphonic, chamber and folk instrument orchestras in Russia. She is a great inspiration with her excellent technique and musicality. Continue reading if you want [...]

Tristan Scroggins, USA – DB64

Tristan Scroggins ( is an Award winning mandolinist and composer from Denver Colorado. He is definitely a mandolinist to monitor, as although still very young, he has accomplished much due to his huge talent at performing. I love the way he is experimenting with multiple genres and that he [...]

Julien Martineau, FRANCE – DB63

Julien Martineau is a classical mandolin virtuoso from France that performs as a soloist in the world’s leading concert halls and festivals. Julien Martineau Video Playlist Julien Martineau Biography Julien Martineau is one of the few mandolin players in Europe to lead a concert career. From [...]

Chris Acquavella, USA – DB60

Chris Acquavella is a classical mandolinist & educator from San Diego, California, who currently lives in Detmold, Germany. He graduated First Class Honors from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance in London, England. Chris studied mandolin performance with Alison Stephens and composition with Andrew Poppy. He performs classical repertoire [...]

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Choro Das 3, BRAZIL – DB58

Choro Das Tres is a Brazilian instrumental group that consists of three sisters ,and their father: Corina on the flutes, Lia on the 7-strings guitar Elisa on the mandolim, clarinet, banjo and piano their father Eduardo on tamborine The band plays Brazilian Instrumental Music, and their main style is Choro [...]

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Ricardo Sandoval, VENEZUELA – DB57

Classically trained musician, Ricardo Sandoval nurtured from a young age of the musical tradition of Venezuela, through encounters with musicians from different backgrounds and learning rhythms, songs and popular melodies of their country. After graduating from the University Institute of Musical Studies (IUDEM) of Caracas, conducts advanced studies at the [...]

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Natalya Cravats, RUSSIA – DB56

Natalya Cravats is a professional musician (mandolin, russian dorm) based in Novosibirsk Region, Russian Federation. Natalya is currently working at the Novosibirsk State Philharmonic Society, the Novosibirsk Regional College of Culture and Arts, the College of Music of Novosibirsk State Conservatory. MI Glinka Education. Natalya is a soloist at the artistic [...]

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