Mandolin Orchestras

Plektra, AUSTRALIA – DB65

Plektra is a mandolin ensemble based in Sydney, performing a combination of contemporary Australian and Classical works. They bring together diverse musical and cultural influences forming a unique sound that reflects their Antipodean heritage. Much of their material is written and arranged by Stephen Lalor whose training in Kiev [...]

ATTIKA Plucked Strings Orchestra, GREECE – DB61

The ATTIKA Plucked Strings Orchestra was founded in 1993 by Aris Dimitriadis, its Artistic Director. Since 1997 it operates under the hospices of the non-profit music association Erato. ATTIKA Video Playlist ATTIKA History & Bio Aris Dimitriadis has been working with Mandolin Orchestras [...]

Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra, AUSTRALIA – DB41

The Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra is an orchestra with great past and a bright future! History of the Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra Peter Evans & Josef Ruecker, a mandolin player & classical guitarist respectively, collaborated to form the Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra in 1967, attracting to its ranks players of all ages who had come to Australia [...]

L ‘Accademia Mandolinistica Napoletana, ITALY – DB40

L 'Accademia Neapolitan Mandolin was created in 1929 on the initiative of Raffaele Calace; It's legacy was continued in 1992 by those most sensitive to the need for a recovery of the Neapolitan mandolin as a cultured tradition tool. Since then the Neapolitan Mandolin Academy, with the help of the president mandolin player [...]

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EAP Toulouse, FRANCE

Founded in 1886, the Ensemble in Toulouse Plectrum is one of the few large sets plucked in Europe. It has 50 amateur musicians divided into four panels (1st mandolins, 2ndes mandolins, guitars and mandoles) to which is added mandoloncelles, basses and flute. The band plays mostly original compositions (Vivaldi, Calace, [...]

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Providence Mandolin Orchestra, USA

The Providence Mandolin Orchestra is a group of amateur and professional musicians united by the love of performing a unique style of music. They are committed to carrying on the rich tradition of the American mandolin orchestra while actively promoting original, new pieces. They welcome new members and take pride in introducing audiences to their unique sound [...]

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London Mandolin Ensemble, UK

London Mandolin Ensemble The LME was formed in June 2012 by a group of enthusiastic amateur musicians who enjoy making music together, and playing the plucked string family of instruments. They are a chamber ensemble with a wide range of classical music tastes, from baroque to contemporary, reflected in their repertoire. Their aim is to maintain [...]

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The New Mandolin American Ensemble, USA

Biography Copied from NAME Official Site (see external links below): “Contemporary classical music for plucked string instruments reflecting folk, jazz and world music influences” The New American Mandolin Ensemble is a group of virtuoso artists dedicated to presenting original compositions for plucked strings. Championing the best of contemporary composers [...]

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Het Consort, NETHERLANDS – DB25

Biography Copied from Official Site (see external links below) and translated from Dutch: THE CONSORT Conductor and Artistic Director : Alex Timmerman First Mandolins : Sebastiaan de Grebber ( concertmaster ) , Yolanda Döpp and Pauline Ulderink Second Mandolins Ferdinand Binnendijk Jesse Buijs and Kitty Root Hendriks Mandola's : [...]

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La Orden de la Terraza, SPAIN

Source: Orchestra home page Recordings The History La Orden de la Terraza” (which in english means more or less “The Order of Vase”) was the first Military Order of Knighthood, known in Spain. To this order belonged the kings of Navarra, their descendants and the more [...]

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