The Mandolin, A History – A Kickstarter project that needs our community support

A new kickstarter project has been introduced that has great appeal to me and I guess to most mandolin lovers. The author, Graham McDonald, has been fascinated [...]

Record Mozart’s Quartets on Mandolins – A new crowdfunding project from Jacob Reuven and the Kerman Mandolin Quartet

Jacob Reuven and the Kerman Mandolin Quartet have just announced their new crowdfunding project to record Mozart's Quartets on Mandolins. I immediately became a supporter [...]

Mandolinarte, the Plucked Strings Orchestra of Athens have released their new site – and it looks very good

Today, Mandolinarte announced the release of the new site, I am very happy for this, as I am a menber of the Mandolinarte orchestra [...]

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