Las Abejas by Augustin Barrios performed by Hamilton Hollanda – tMt TV #32

Here is an amazing performance of Las Abejas, a composition of the Paraguayan guitarist Augustin Barrios. Agustín Barrios composed Las Abejas in 1921, the same year he wrote another famous piece of music, La Catedral. Although it is classified as a study and it is said that Barrios rarely performed [...]

Barcarola, J. Offenbach by Ekaterinburg Mandolin Ensemble – TV141

Barcarola by J. Offenbach is one of my favorite pieces of music. I have memories of performing it very very young (maybe 10 years old?) with the mandolin orchestra of Fotis Aleporos in Greece in the 80's. It was magical, as we had also a choir of thirty humming along. [...]

Vivaldi – Concerto in do magg per mandolino, archi e cembalo RV 425, Il Giardino Armonico, Duilio Galfetti – TV142

This week's video is one of the most popular mandolin videos on YouTube. Vivaldi's music is brilliant, but also the orchestra Il Giardino Armonico and the soloist are magnificent. Copying a comment from YouTube This sounds so venetian. You can almost hear the water flowing through the canals on a summer [...]

La Paloma, ATTIKA Plucked String Orchestra – TV140

"La Paloma" is a popular Spanish song that has been produced and reinterpreted in diverse cultures, settings, arrangements, and recordings over the last 140 years. The song was composed and written by the Spanish composer from the Basque region Sebastián Iradier (later Yradier) in the 1850s. In 1859 it [...]

Summertime by Dolce Mandolin Quartet – TV139

Summertime by G. Gershwin, performed here by Dolce Mandolin Quartet is a brilliant piece of music and so popular that needs no introduction really. According to wikipedia "Summertime" is an aria composed in 1934 by George Gershwin for the 1935 opera Porgy and Bess. The lyrics are by DuBose Heyward, [...]

Saying Goodbye to 2017 with an amazing video by Srinivas Marshal Holanda – TV138

I always thought that big moments should be celebrated properly. Saying farewell to 2017 is such a moment for me, as I am waiting with excitement the new adventures to be realized in 2018. Thus, I spent some time trying to discover an extraordinary performance to share. And I found [...]

Erotokritos by Michalis Stavrakakis – TV137

A wonderful listening, Erotokritos remains a popular work even today with many adaptations. Erotokritos central theme is love, but is intervened with honor, friendship, bravery and courage. This amazing adaptation and performance from 1991 is by Michalis Stavrakakis who, besides the music editing, plays lute, mandolino mandola and bouzouki. Together [...]

Vivaldi Concerto for Four Violins by Kerman Mandolin Quartet – TV136

A brilliant concerto composed by Antonio Vivaldi is performed by the Kerman Mandolin Quartet in this video from the Azi Sivan live concert at the Jerusalem Music Center. The performance is impressive with the two lead mandolins attacking with mastery and sensitivity and the mandola and mandocello supporting all passages with [...]

Rossmery Rangel plays Raffaele Calace Concerto N.1 Op 113 – TV135

Rossmery Rangel is a very talented mandolin player from Merida, Venezuela. Little information is available about Rossmery, but some impressive performances can be spotted on YouTube. Enjoy Rossmery playing Calace's concerto Op 113 with great virtuosity in this video. All scores of Calace are available here if you are interested!

Smart mandolin testing, 6-10th Nov 2017, London – by Luca Turchet

Luca Turchet, introduced in theMandolinTuner Artists Database here, announced that he is looking for mandolin players in London that also have some experience with effects or instruments for electronic music. He plans to conduct experiments with a Smart Mandolin, which features wireless connectivity and embedded intelligence, between 6th and 10th of November, [...]

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