My adventures with the famous Plucked Orchestra of Athens, MandolinARTE

Altalena, Lino Cannavacciuolo (LIVE by MandolinARTE)

Altalena is a beautiful composition by Lino Cannavacciuolo. Recorded live during MandolinARTE, the Plucked Orchestra of Athens live concert - just before the COVID-19 pandemic, in Athens Greece (FOY Ymittos Concert Hall). We were happy to perform at this venue that is hosting us, but is also doing [...]

MandolinARTE – Summer Nostos Festival at SNF

This week's video, is again from a concert I gave with MandolinARTE - the Plucked Orchestra of  Athens and the famous singer Alkistis Protopsalti in June 2019, at one of the most amazing venues of Greece, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). As you will see from this short video, [...]

MandolinARTE- J. S. Weiss Concerto for guitar and orchestra

I recorded J. S. Weiss Concerto for guitar and orchestra during the summer of 2015. This should have been a demanding recording, but it took us only an afternoon, where most time was spent on setup. Having excellent musicians as part of your orchestra is what makes this possible! [...]

MandolinARTE – Goran Bregovich, Alkistis Protopsalti, Theos an Einai, Live

This week's video is an amazing song with music from Goran Bregovich, performed by MandolinARTE live during one of their 18 concerts on tour with Alkistis Protopsalti attended by more than 30.000 people in 2016. Alkistis Protopsalti performance in this video is just fantastic, and everyone in [...]

When you are celebrating your birthday with a concert!

A picture I saw today while doing some work at my computer, reminded me of my birthday happening that took place in March 2016, while touring with MandolinARTE and the great Greek singer, Alkistis Protopsalti. So, it was the 20th of March, and it was my birthday! [...]

The Concerto, M. Hadjidakis by MandolinARTE – TV131

Gioconda's Smile  is one of the most famous albums by Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis. It is considered one of the classic albums of 20th-century music in Greece. The album was recorded in New York in 1965, with Quincy Jones as producer. It was first released in USA in 1965 [...]

I love Cyprus! (Performing at Ancient Kourio)

It is summer time! And summer time is great for giving concerts in open theatres, especially in Greece and Cyprus! Following a rehearsal during a hot day in June (an adventure that I described here) I flied to Cyprus for three scheduled concerts with MandolinARTE & Alkistis Protopsalti, to mark the beginning of our summer [...]

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Rehearsing at 39 Degrees Celsius (102.2 F)

First of all, I want you to know that it was hot. Really hot. Even for Greece.   39 degrees celsius is hotter when carrying two musical instruments to go to rehearsal, my octave and the Liuto Cantabile. (Hint: I love air-conditioning!) The rehearsal was with MandolinARTE and Alkistis [...]

Why playing at concerts is fun.

Do you think that giving concerts with orchestras is fun? Well, you are right, but you may not know what the real fun is. To me, it is the time you spend with the members of the orchestras during rehearsals but especially after the concert, when everybody is relaxed. To [...]

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Just Gave a Concert with MandolinArte in Creta and I really enjoyed it #2- the concert

Beginning of February I travelled to Chania, Creta to give a concert with Mandolinarte, the Mandolin Orchestra I play octave mandolin with. In my previous post, I described how the concert was arranged, rehearsals, photo shootings etc. Now here is is the rest of the story, i.e. what happened once [...]

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