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Un Dia De Noviembre by Leo Brower (Score)

[Update] After receiving a very nice email from Sergio Saldivar-Salazar, a mandolin player and follower of theMandolinTuner,  I followed his suggestion and updated this article to include the guitar sound track to help you play-along.  I also replaced the previous video performance - that was a recording of only [...]

Recording Concerto Grosso in D Minor by Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi Concerto Grosso with Mandolins Born on March 4, 1678, in Venice, Italy, Antonio Vivaldi was ordained as a priest though he instead chose to follow his passion for music. A prolific composer who created hundreds of works, he became renowned for his concertos in [...]

Double from Violin Partita I, BWV 1002, J. S. Bach – Chris Rizos – tMt TV #85

The Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin (BWV 1001–1006) are a set of six works composed by Johann Sebastian Bach.  The set consists of three sonatas da chiesa, in four movements, and three partitas (or partias), in dance-form movements. The set was completed by 1720, but was only published in [...]

Learning the first part of Pacoca for mandolin

This is the third article in the How-to-Play-Pacoca Article Series that I have created, to be used as a Mandolin Lesson for Intermediate level, hoping that it will help mandolinists improve and at the same time enjoy music! In this third article I focus on the first part of [...]

Learning Pacoca for mandolin – Searching for the music sheet

This article is about a song I heard via Pandora radio, called Pacoca, by Celso Machado. The original piece was written for flute and guitar and it is a song with such character and personality, that made me wonder how would this sound if played with a mandolin? I knew the answer before I even [...]

Learning Double from Partita No.1 in B minor, BWV 1002, J.S.Bach

During the last two weeks, as I mentioned in my latest post full of energy after an exciting summer, I have been studying an excellent piece of music, Double (no.6) from Partita No.1 in B minor, BWV 1002, from J.S. Bach. This is a "dreamy" piece of music, that can be classified [...]

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Pacoca by Celso Machado and how to play it with mandolin (Introduction)

This article is the first in a series of articles focusing on a song I heard via Pandora radio, called Pacoca, by Celso Machado. The original piece was written for flute and guitar and it has some elements that excite me. It has a melody with character and personality. Just hear it [...]

Libertango and Libermando!

I am sure you have heard this music before. Libertango is a composition by famous tango composer Ástor Piazzolla, recorded and published in 1974 in Milan. The title is a portmanteau merging "Libertad" (Spanish for liberty) and "Tango", symbolizing Piazzolla's break from Classical Tango to Tango Nuevo. This composition has [...]

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