The ‘Capriccio Spagñuolo’ (Op. 276) by Carlo Munier (1859 – 1911) performed by the Dutch mandolinist Ferdinand Binnendijk accompanied by Eva van den Dool on Grand piano. Ferdinand Binnendijk started to play the mandolin at the Center for the Arts MUZERIE with Alex Timmerman when he was 4 years old. Currently he studies the mandolin as his main subject with the same teacher at the ArtEZ Music Highschool/Conservatory in Zwolle, Netherlands

This video was made on April 2nd, 2011, during the ‘Day of the Nominees’ (semi final) of the National ‘PRINCESS CHRISTINA CONCOURS’ (2011) in the County Hall (Provincie Huis) in The Hague, Netherlands.

A week later, on April 11th, mandolinist Ferdinand Binnendijk was awarded by HRH Princess Christina the 1st prize in the ‘Conservatory’ catagory of the Princess Christina Concours. One of the most prestigious music contests in the Netherlands that takes place every year in the Lucent Dance Theatre in The Hague (NL).

An event of great importance in the History of the Mandolin in the Netherlands!

For this occasion Ferdinand Binnendijk performed on a Modern Roman Concert Mandolin Model No. 5bis build in 1927 by the celebrated Roman Master luthier Luigi Embergher (1856-1943). The instrument was strung with Fisoma CONSORT bronze strings from Germany and played with the long two-pointed Roman plectrum made from tortoise shell/celluloid.

Filmed and edited by Pauline Ulderink and Alex Timmerman. A production by Het CONSORT — Zwolle — Netherlands 2011.


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