Update (5/May/2016): Unfortunately, it seems that the video is not longer available for viewing…

This is a great video for all mandolin lovers. Avi Avital is doing an amazing job to promote the mandolin as a soloist instrument, and this is a testimonial to his great art. I am truly elated to be able to view this performance from 27 November 2015 recorded in Versailles (!) and to include it in tMt TV archive! Enjoy…


With :

  • Avi Avital – Mandoline
  • Lorenzo Feder – Cembalo
  • Luca Mares – Violine
  • Nicola Mansutti – Violine
  • Alessandra Di Vincenzo – Bratsche
  • Ivano Zanenghi – Laute
  • Daniele Bovo – Cello
  • Nicola Barbieri – Kontrabass
  • Dirigent/-in :Andrea Marcon
  • Komponist/-in :Antonio Vivaldi
  • Orchester :Venice Baroque Orchestra
  • Regie :Hanne Kaisik


Here is the description from Arte Channel that was so generous to release this video:

Avi Avital helps the mandolin to new awareness. Born in Israel in 1978 Artist requires his favorite instrument excellence from: He explores all possibilities, pushes the boundaries of what is possible and expands the repertoire with own developments and completely new transcriptions. His tireless work bore fruit: He is a guest of the most prestigious concert halls around the world and has been nominated as the first mandolin player for a Grammy. A dynamic Troubadour of modern times. In splendid setting of the Château de Versailles Avi Avital interpreted accompanied by the Venice Baroque Orchestra Vivaldi Concertos for Mandolin, rehearsed for his album “Vivaldi” in homage to the Italian composer and the city of Venice. Avi Avital enthusiastic and perfectly applied Baroque sounds, at the same time easy and spiritually, easy and exciting. In the present concert in the Herkulessaal of the Versailles castle he plays among others an equally brilliant as virtuoso version of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”. The mandolin underscores in this play the melody and takes some sound effects, such as flashes of lightning, are particularly clearly emphasized. as so-called “sul ponticello” ( “on the bridge”) technically presented – – In the slow movements of the cold wind makes listening goosebumps. The concert was recorded on 27 November 2015 for ARTE.

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